Glory 3 to, Reproduction Highlights | Taste Steady Brand Won Three Awards of the 4th Golden Rock Award!

2023-12-27 09:20:04

On December 26, 2023, the 2nd China Rock Slab Thought Conference and the 4th Golden Rock Award Ceremony were grandly held in Foshan, China. The event was guided by the Ceramic Tile Pasting Technology Committee of China Ceramic Industry Association and Foshan Ceramic Society, and sponsored by China Ceramic Network. Leaders in the professional field were specially invited to conduct in-depth discussions on the production, research and development, design and application, processing and delivery of rock plates, thus establishing long-term development goals and directions for the rock plate industry.






Strength Brand Delivery Pilot

On the day of the activity, Ms. Xu Shunlan, president of the Paste Steady Paving College, was invited by the organizer to share the development pain points and difficulties of rock slab delivery on the spot as a keynote speaker, and put forward a practical and high-standard pasting installation system, which benefited the guests and business representatives greatly and opened up new ideas for the development of finished product delivery.





She said that the emergence of rock slabs has brought huge market demand to the paving and delivery industry. How to find the right direction of development in its own positioning and obtain accurate terminal traffic is the top priority of enterprise development.

Based on the common pasting pain points in the market, a high-standard pasting delivery product and service system has been established with the patented "anti-dropping" technology as the core. At the same time, a new home online platform mode has been set up in response to the trend of pasting and delivery of large rock plates. The open O2O service platform has opened up one-stop links from end users, craftsman channels, terminal service providers to brand headquarters, at the same time, accurate online drainage has also opened up a new situation for the brand's terminal promotion.


Glory Three to Reproduce Highlights

In the award ceremony, the Golden Rock Award Organizing Committee awarded Ms. Xu Shunlan the "Annual Contribution Award for Rock Slab Delivery" in recognition of her tireless efforts in the field of rock slab paving and delivery. At the same time, the firm also successfully won the 4th Golden Rock Award "Excellent Platform for Rock Slab Delivery" (final award) and "Excellent Auxiliary Materials for Rock Slab Paving" (nomination award).









It is understood that the Golden Rock Award was founded by China Ceramic Network in 2020, with the goal of creating a palace-level professional rock plate award. It is the first professional award focusing on rock plates in the field of building materials and homes. The expert group of the 4th Golden Rock Award Evaluation Committee started from the three dimensions of rock plate production and development, design and application, installation and delivery, and conducted in-depth industry investigation and research.


Ingenuity Stick to Quality Witness

On December 15, the 4th Jinyan Award Review Expert Group, composed of Huang Huining, Vice Chairman and Senior Engineer of Foshan Ceramic Society, Huang Bin, Secretary General of Foshan Ceramic Society, Hu Xueyan, Secretary General of China Ceramic Industry Association Ceramic Tile Pasting Technology Committee (TCT), Lao Tianzhu, Chairman of Foshan Zhanjiang Design Force and Founder of Lanmo Design, and Liu Shi, General Manager of China Ceramic Network, entered the exhibition hall of Tiding Headquarters, the jury and his party listened carefully to the introduction of the stable products and other aspects, and carefully understood the main links of rock plate delivery.





During the investigation, the eight series of core products of the brand, 8A paving and delivery service system and standardized construction training courses were highly recognized by the expert group. Hu Xueyan believes that the application and display of large-scale rock slabs need high-end auxiliary material enterprises such as stable pasting to cooperate with the delivery. Huang Huining, on the other hand, highly appreciated the extensive training work done to train craftsmen of large plates and rock plates, believing that this is a matter of boundless merit.

It is understood that at present, Paste Steady has mastered the core "anti-falling technology", set up the industry's first large plate anti-falling research institute, focused on the paving and maintenance of large plate rock plates, and introduced eight series of nearly 100 products, including paste, waterproof and base surface reinforcement. Paste stable also has a quick response, high-quality team and professional business school, to build a multi-dimensional 8A paving delivery service system, every year to continuously carry out various types of training, fully drive the enabling terminal one-stop high-quality delivery landing.



This year, Paste, which has been established for less than 5 years, has already distributed more than 1200 sales outlets nationwide. By 2023, it will have completed 18 special training sessions of paving skills, with a total of 3200 paving talents trained. On November 9, Teda firmly held the 2024 Global Dealer Strategy Summit in Foshan with the theme of "Quality Breakthrough and Win the Future". A shocking launching ceremony of Teda firmly brand was held on the spot. This is the first tile adhesive brand in the auxiliary materials industry to launch the listing, and it also means that Teda firmly reached the peak of brand development.





Sharpen deep ploughing, carrying honor forward. Tedsteady said that in the future, it will unswervingly be market-oriented, continue to study "anti-falling technology", continue to improve paving delivery services, give full play to marketing advantages, and push brand development to a higher dimension.