With ingenuity, the 18th "All-Star Craftsman Alliance" all-round class was successfully completed!

2023-12-29 14:00:00

From December 25 to 29, the 18th "All-Star Alliance of Fine Makers" Rock Slab Paving All-round Class was successfully held. The four-day training was carried out by using theoretical and practical teaching methods. The trainees systematically learned courses such as the performance standard of auxiliary materials, the use of professional tools, the application of paving technology, and the construction of European standard stickers.






On the first day of the camp, guests shared

on the first day of the camp, ms. xu shunlan, dean of the newly-arrived school of pasting, presided over the ceremony, special guests: Mr. Ou Liping, doctor of product research and development, Mr. Guo Jianhui, director of marketing department of the brand, Mr. Chen Xin, chief manager of decoration craftsman project of China building materials joint training center, Mr. Zou Chengjian, founder of Shenzhen Hechuang rock decoration industry and chief gold medal trainer of the brand, and Mr. Wang Qiang, sales director of South China of Shanghai Europe porcelain new materials co., ltd., expressed warm welcome to each student.









The five guests briefly described the importance and necessity of paving learning for the industry and customers from different professional perspectives. With the advent of the rock slab era, the paving industry has also ushered in a comprehensive change, professional, The standardized process is recognized by more consumers. The purpose of the training is to help students improve their self-worth and better serve customers and the market through in-depth paving learning.


Teacher teaching, professional training

The theoretical course started step by step from the industry trend shared by President Xu, the detailed explanation of the materials of Mr. Ou Liping, the R & D doctor of Paste Steady Brand, the paving standard explained by Mr. Zou Chengjian, the chief gold medal trainer of Paste Steady Brand, to the product knowledge training of Mr. Li Xiong, the marketing director of Paste Steady Brand North China. The trainees listened very attentively and expressed that they had strengthened their reserve the theoretical knowledge of materials, products and delivery system, I also have a clearer understanding of industry development and career planning.





Only practice can produce true knowledge. The practical operation officially started. Under the teaching and guidance of the tutor, the students came to the construction site to carry out drills. All the processes from cutting, chamfering, demoulding, glue brushing to rock slab paving were personally operated, constantly grasping the key points and precautions of the process, and deepening the operation strength and professional level.

At the scene, Mr. Ou Liping, a doctor in the research and development of stable products, also demonstrated the ground leveling process of the 3-hour fast-loading system for the students. The application of auxiliary materials with professional supporting partners on the ground can achieve the three major effects of fast construction, high stability and labor saving. The students expressed their admiration for this process one after another.










Knowledge assessment, tamping internal skills

In order to help the students better master their professional knowledge, the headquarters carried out a written examination test. The students were serious and devoted, and finally all passed the examination with excellent results. For the trainees who have passed the examination, the headquarters will issue the certificate of completion of decoration craftsmen certified by the national building materials industry vocational skill appraisal center. it is expected that the trainees will bring a healthier and safer home environment to consumers and promote the development of the paving industry under the dual blessing of paving skills and craftsman certificates.











Focus on paving services, enabling landing delivery, so far, the current "All-Star Grockboard Alliance" rock board all-round class successfully ended. Through this paving training, the trainees have personally experienced the norms and safety brought about by the standard paving process. Many trainees who have never come into contact with the standard paving of rock slabs can directly implement the operation and complete the paving after theoretical study and practical exercises.

Sticking rock stabilizing plate large plate tile glue

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As a leader in the application industry of paving materials, the stable brand will stick to it with this responsibility in the future. With the help of its own products and platform advantages, it will continue to offer paving training courses to empower the industry and terminals, train professional craftsmen and technical personnel, and help more craftsmen groups grow.