The official brand of ceramic tile glue designated by the competition has been firmly affixed to help Shandong province's "skill xinglu" vocational skills competition, and the decoration craftsman vocational skills competition has been successfully held!

2023-12-20 10:01:46

On December 19, Shandong Province "Skills Prosper Lu" Vocational Skills Competition-Decoration Craftsman Vocational Skills Competition, "Dongyi Risheng Nest Building Cup" Decoration Paving Competition (Finals) was successfully held in Jinan, Shandong. With excellent quality standards, the brand has become the official designated tile glue brand in the competition. It has joined forces with craftsmen to create a wonderful technical feast for everyone.



The whole process of the competition uses high-efficiency construction and strong bonding tile adhesive products provided by Paste Steady, with excellent performance and excellent quality, which makes all the contestants handy in the paving competition, helps the contestants to show the elegant demeanour of Seiko strong craftsmen, and also allows everyone to see the hard core quality of the products pasted Steady!





The organizing committee of the competition, in particular, thanked the brand for its strong support for this competition, and expressed its praise and affirmation for its high-quality products and professional services. Being named the official designated tile adhesive brand in the competition is not only a full recognition of the strength of the brand products, but also a responsibility.

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As an innovator of rock plate tile glue, the brand has been committed to promoting advanced paving technology, actively initiating, supporting and participating in professional competition platforms and competitions. In the future, it will continue to take this responsibility and mission to enable more skilled workers to learn and master professional paving skills, so that more users can enjoy the beautiful living life brought by standard paving and delivery.