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Learn standard technology, do big country craftsman | China decoration craftsman talent skills training center grand opening!


Practicing social responsibility and helping social development | Foshan City's "trade in the old for the new, benefiting the people's post station"-the launching ceremony of the family renewal season in Chancheng was successfully held, with stable quality and safety entering thousands of households!


Four years to do the listing! | "billions of new starting point, glory new journey" posted stable brand listing bell celebration was successfully held!


The stable brand helps Shandong's first rock slab paving technology exchange meeting and "rock slab pasting engineering technical regulations" to publicize and successfully hold Shandong east station activity!


Grab the blank market and enjoy the listing share! | Sticking Steady × Tanzhou Exhibition × Tao Expo, the world's hot investment promotion, sincerely invite you to join hands!


Upward growth, mutual benefit and win-win | The signing ceremony of the first partner of the brand was successfully held!