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Ltd. is the core brand, has a large modern production base, the continuous introduction of the world's advanced production equipment and scientific research personnel, with an annual output of one million tons, mainly focusing on the development of new categories of rock/slab tile adhesive, ceramic tile backing adhesive, waterproof materials, and the brand is committed to promoting the improvement of the industry standard of rock/slab tile adhesive. The emergence of Paste Stable Rock/Slab Tile Adhesive allows people to have a new choice when laying all kinds of large-size tiles.

Paste stable focus on high-end rock slab / large plate tile adhesive R & D, design, construction and application, the application of technical level in the international leading level, Paste stable always adhere to the integration of production, learning, research and development of the three-dimensional structure, and constantly improve the level of independent research and development, and continue to provide the community and customers with a stable quality, paste a variety of solid tile adhesive.

At the same time, Paste Stable attaches great importance to the growth of customers across the country, Paste Stable Business School has a professional faculty, and constantly organizes systematic learning, empowerment to help the real landing.