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Poly-Xiu Xiu Mileage

The Poly Link City project provides residents with high-quality living facilities in seven major areas: area, resources, intelligence, art, ecology, business and commerce. A settlement is a city; the new residential lifestyle, with the posture of leading nine cities, creates unprecedented human experience. Poly Link City covers a total area of about 2,000 acres, with 210,000 square meters of commercial, 170,000 square meters of ecological business, 200 acres of parks, etc., and will become a city within a city with more than 50,000 people after the development is completed.

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Aoyuan Tianjiao

Aoyuan - Tianjiao as Aoyuan real estate group layout of international city south second child, situated in Shuangliu District, and Tianfu New District adjoining, bordering the high-tech zone, east of Jiannan Avenue, fully enjoy the dividends of the city's industrial development and scientific and educational resources. Shuangliu, as one of the "three carriages of southward expansion" with Hi-Tech Zone and Tianfu New Area, ranked 13th among the top 100 in the country, and selected as one of the "Top 10 Demonstration Districts (Municipalities) of China's All-round Well-being" for 6 consecutive years, has made the new Shuangliu successfully ranked among the "Top 10 Demonstration Districts (Municipalities) of China's All-round Well-being". The basic competitiveness of the regional economy has made Shuangliu successfully become one of the main engines of the development of "Recreating an Industrial Chengdu".

Hyatt International

Hyatt International has a luxurious private star clubhouse, royal garden, seven-star golden key butler service, and is surrounded by a complete set of educational facilities, banking facilities and other living facilities, and has internal facilities such as commercial street, sky garden, high-class Chinese and Western restaurants, tea bar, coffee shop, gymnasium, table tennis, billiard room, and a luxurious star clubhouse.

Century Light of Xiaoshan Vanke

The neighborhood consists of 23 small high-rise buildings of 15-17 floors, the main area consists of 81 square meters, 89 square meters, 90 square meters, 110 square meters and 126 square meters.