Upward growth, mutual benefit and win-win | The signing ceremony of the first partner of the brand was successfully held!

2024-04-08 14:00:00

Since the establishment of the brand, it has always adhered to long-term management, down-to-earth, intensive cultivation, thick and thin hair, and doing difficult and correct things. In order to implement long-term business ism, make the company's development more stable, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, in 2024, the brand will officially launch the regional partner model.

The regional partner model means that employees become the operators of the company, and the company builds a framework and platform for employees, so that employees can obtain the maximum dividend ratio with the least risk and cost, and truly transform the work into an individual career.



On April 5, at the first partner signing ceremony, a total of six outstanding employees became the first batch of regional partners with stable brands. They were respectively South Korea Zhonglin, marketing director of East China, Wen Chao, marketing director of South China, Mi Pengfei, marketing director of South China, Huang Guifen, marketing director of South China, Ma Zhongfu, marketing director of Central China, and Li Xiong, marketing director of North China, hu Yuan, chairman of the firm brand, has signed contracts with six regional partners.



▲ Brand Regional Partner Signing Photo

The successful holding of the signing ceremony indicates that in the future, the stable brand will work with the above partners to create a mutually beneficial, win-win and long-term brand business. All partners will also share the same desire, resonate at the same frequency, and have the same goal, and move towards a higher goal.

Next, Paste Steady will continue to carry out the brand mission of "making all the world's rock slabs and tiles stable", and work together with more like-minded people to draw a new blueprint for the industry.