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2024-04-15 10:00:00

The 2024 Foshan Tanzhou Ceramic Exhibition and the 40th Foshan Ceramic Expo will be held on April 18 at the same time. As a resident guest of the two major exhibitions, the brand has also come as promised this year, once again appearing at the industry event to show the world its innovative strength and high-end quality in the field of auxiliary materials.

Sticked with stable rock plate large plate tile glue

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So this year, what are the highlights of the two exhibitions? Don't worry, this tour guide will give you "circle the key points! Don't worry about missing the highlights any more, hurry up🐴Live in the collection and watch slowly ~

01 Seize the blank market and enjoy the listing share.

  Seize blank markets and enjoy market share

"Short-term look at traffic, medium-term look at products, long-term look at the brand".

In the face of a new round of market dividends, how to seize the opportunity of wealth, in the wind at the opportunity to dig gold? Hand in hand, is the best way to win in the future market competition, the brand of distribution stores everywhere, is the proof of the strong investment attraction.



In order to further seize the blank market in the country, during the double exhibition period, the stable brand will specially introduce exclusive privileges and benefits for the exhibition, and customers who successfully sign contracts on the spot will be given a share of listed shares! Receiving a stable share of the brand's listed shares can not only increase profit points again in addition to products and services, but also because of the brand's popularity in the market, the brand has become a wealth-creating weapon that truly enables terminal sales.

02 brand new products of the year, stunning appearance in double exhibition

  Brand's annual new product, stunning appearance

After half a year of research and development and testing, the new product of 2024 will be unveiled at this double exhibition.

The four new products of TDW-299 ceramic tile drum renovation special glue, TDW-300 polymer rigid K11 waterproof mortar, TDW-500 polymer flexible K11 waterproof mortar and TDW-831 super-energy four-in-one multi-effect adhesive are developed around different residential scenes, use requirements and functional characteristics, reaching the top/top level of the industry in terms of technological innovation and quality performance.



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In addition to new products, other stable product systems will also be displayed in this exhibition, with rock plate tile glue as the core and series of products such as waterproof, pasting, sewing, repair and cleaning as the extension to create the most complete supporting product system in the industry to meet the needs of customers looking for potential products.

03 3-hour fast-loading system, 100 billion blue ocean track

  3-hour fast installation system, blue ocean track

In a series of relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China on the renovation of old houses in old urban communities, it is mentioned that the old renovation plan will be fully launched in 2024 to support residents to carry out the renovation of old houses. It is recommended that national building materials and home furnishing companies actively grasp the old houses as the core. In the era of stock house decoration, accelerate the development of new quality productivity and help realize a better life.

As a pioneer in the field of auxiliary materials, the brand has actively responded to national policies and catered to consumption trends. It has implemented a 3-hour fast-loading system technology nationwide to help consumers realize home renewal and upgrading, improve living comfort and quality of life, and satisfy the people's yearning for a better life.



3 hours fast installation system technology, is reflected in the decoration process, a fast, standard, system of wall and ground construction system. By breaking through the existing technical barriers in the industry, we can quickly pave and install in 3 hours, improve all kinds of performance indexes of the overall process, and greatly shorten the construction period, bring forward-looking, targeted and innovative decoration delivery solutions for consumers, and shape hard core competitiveness for the terminal.

04 Delivering Theme Forum, Mysterious Big Cafe Helping

  Delivery theme forum, mysterious experts

In order to escort the country to carry out the renovation of old houses, efficiently respond to and meet the growing demand for renewal of old houses, the brand will hold the theme activity of the forum and the new product launch event at Foshan Tanzhou Ceramic Exhibition on the afternoon of April 18.



The forum will invite industry association leaders, well-known entrepreneurs and other mysterious celebrities to jointly analyze the current situation of the development of the industry and predict the development trend of the times. At that time, thousands of ideas will converge to achieve a wise future, and a summit forum will soon bring together the unique arguments of all parties, which will be wonderful.

Hu Yuan, director of the firm brand, Xu Shunlan, dean of the new home college, and the core team will also interpret the brand value and delivery system with new perspectives, new strategies and new thinking, and define new business cards for high-end delivery. If you are interested, don't miss it ~

05 help two competitions, promote the development of the industry

  Assist in two competitions and development

Since its inception, the brand has always been deeply cultivated, attached importance to the development of craftsmen channels, promoted advanced paving technology, and actively supported and participated in professional competitive platforms and competitions.



From April 19 to 20, the 2024 China large plate rock plate decoration and inlay application vocational skills competition and the 6th China home decoration vocational skills competition will be held in Foshan Tanzhou ceramic exhibition center.

With excellent quality and standard performance, the brand has become the official designated tile glue brand in the competition. Hu Yuan, chairman of the brand, will also be the guest of the two competitions to help promote the construction of skilled personnel and the development of the home decoration industry. We sincerely invite you to visit the scene and enjoy this upcoming technological feast.

06 New Profit Model, Brand Entry First/Selection

  The first choice for new profit model

In addition to the above novel highlights, the post will also bring a blockbuster exhibition and joining policy debut!

The franchise policy covers nine major business assistance systems, from shop opening, channels, services to sales, all-round, full-cycle, full-chain to the dealer system assistance and policy guidance, throughout the year to carry out a number of assistance training activities, to help the terminal deep into the market bigger and stronger, seize the wealth of high ground, to achieve revenue growth.



It's a name and a promise! The choice of national 1000 will not be wrong, more welfare policies, welcome you to visit the exhibition site to understand ~


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April 18-22 Tanzhou Ceramics Exhibition

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More wonderful look forward to your visit to experience


April 18-21 Foshan Tao Bo Meeting

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