Practicing social responsibility and helping social development | Foshan City's "trade in the old for the new, benefiting the people's post station"-the launching ceremony of the family renewal season in Chancheng was successfully held, with stable quality and safety entering thousands of households!

2024-05-27 15:35:46

On May 26, Foshan's "Trade in Old for New Huimin Post Station" and Chancheng Family Renewal Season were officially launched in Huijingcheng District, Chancheng District. More than 20 home appliances, home furnishings, and building materials brand companies brought trade-in preferential information and subsidy policies to the scene for display, attracting many community residents to come to consult and understand.

Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor of Foshan, and Guo Mingqiang, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, attended the ceremony.




Paste stable tile glue

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At the launching ceremony of the family renewal season in Chancheng, 22 "old-for-new Huimin Post" supporting businesses and institutions were awarded licenses, and the stable brand was among them. This is an important measure for Foshan to explore the establishment of a community embedded service model that "it is easier to remove the old and more convenient to replace the new". It plans to take the lead in launching the "old for new Huimin Post" in Chancheng and Nanhai ".




After the licensing ceremony, Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Guo Mingqiang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, leaders of Chancheng District, Shiwan Town, and guests participated in the launching ceremony of the "Trade-in-for-New Huimin Station.



The replacement of old communities with new ones is not only a "key trivial matter" at the doorstep of the masses, but also a "livelihood event" for grassroots governance ". This is the city's first exchange-for-new Huimin post station built in the community. Through the way of "the government sets up the stage and the enterprise makes profits", the "made in Foshan" with guaranteed quality and "several prices" is delivered to the door of the house.

In the process of renewing the old and new life in Huijingcheng residential area, Ms. Hu Yuan, chairman of the board of directors of the firm, said that as a pioneer in the field of urban renewal, the firm actively responded to the policy planning and people's livelihood requirements, and helped the "trade-in-for-new Huimin Post" project, only to enable more residents to enjoy a safe and quality life at home and to build strong protection for the new landing.




Leading the old to the new track, so that the old house full of life. In the face of the demand for quality and human settlements in the new era, Paste Steady will give full play to the power of the head brand, cater to the current trend of industrial development, continuously improve the quality and level of product and service supply, solve the new troubles of household consumers, and promote the industry to upgrade to a higher dimension.

At the event site, the staff of the booth patiently communicated with the residents of the community to understand their needs and opinions. For some households with special circumstances, such as the elderly or families with disabilities, they take the initiative to provide door-to-door services, give more care and help, and practice their social responsibilities and responsibilities with practical actions.









In the future, Paste Steady will continue to practice social responsibility and help the development of public welfare, so that the warmth from Paste Steady will enter more community residents, give a new look and vitality to the old houses in cities and towns, and escort thousands of families in China.