Four years to do the listing! | "billions of new starting point, glory new journey" posted stable brand listing bell celebration was successfully held!

2024-05-20 11:03:00

On May 18, "Ten Billion New Starting Point, Glory New Journey" was held ceremoniously at the Fengdan Egret Hotel in Nanguo Taoyuan, Foshan, Guangdong.

More than 600 people attended the grand gathering, including Ms. Hu Yuan, chairman of the board of directors of the brand, Ms. Xu Shunlan, dean of the business school of the brand, Ms. Daihua, chief financial officer of the brand, Mr. Ou Liping, doctor of product research and development/chief engineer of technology research and development (TCE) of the brand, dealer leaders, industry guests and media friends from all over the country, A new journey of glory.




At the scene of the activity, the meticulous arrangement can be seen everywhere, all of which show the intention of sticking it firmly to the family. The exquisite and interesting design of the background wall of the sign-in desk makes the family unable to help but punch in as a souvenir and record a beautiful moment.




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Sticked with stable rock plate large plate tile glue

, like 68

Brand Listing Shengqi Xincheng


  Brand launch, opening up a new journey

At the beginning of the event, Ms. Hu Yuan, chairman of the brand, first expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests. She said that in the new era, adhering to the international global layout is an important breakthrough in brand development, and the holding of the bell ringing celebration for the listing of the stable brand is a key step in the company's development process. it is also a new chapter, a new starting point and a new journey for the company to formally move towards the development of the capital market.



©Ms. Hu Yuan, founder and chairman of the brand

Pai Dai will also take the opportunity of brand listing to give back to the society with better products and services, provide shareholders with more generous investment returns, and make greater contributions to China's economic development.

Big coffee on the road cohesion


  Grand Master Debate on Taoism

Today, when the brand is a milestone, guests such as Yang Zhihua, executive secretary of Foshan Home Industry Federation, Zhao Zhenlin, chairman of the Ceramic Tile Pasting Technology Committee of China Ceramic Association, Chen Xin, head of the paving craftsman project of the National Building Materials Industry Vocational Skill Appraisal and Guidance Center, and Chao Shumin, chairman of Shandong Luyue Group, also came to the scene to witness together and delivered speeches one after another.

They respectively expressed their affirmation and praise for the breakthrough achievements made in the innovation practice and economic and social development of the industry, and hoped that the brand would gradually grow into an important force in the social and economic development of South China, China and the world.




Only by sorting out the strategic objectives can we make clear the way forward.

At the meeting, Mr. Guo Jianhui, director of the marketing department of Tie Steady, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of "Brand Strategic Planning", summarizing the persistence and breakthroughs of Tie Steady Brand in multiple dimensions in the past year, and making a comprehensive plan for the 2024 development strategy from the aspects of strategic upgrading, marketing advancement, product innovation, delivery system, etc.



©Mr. Guo Jianhui, Director of Marketing Department

Teachers are like light, micro to far. As the general consultant of the strategic development of the stable brand, Mr. Wan Shuibo stressed in the "Big Business Empowerment Project" that the era of industry increment has gradually drifted away. To build a new engine to drive growth, it is necessary to reshape cognition, accelerate transformation, clarify the direction and move forward firmly.

In this regard, the stable brand is specially aimed at large businesses to launch the empowerment plan, 2024 will be service and development as the core strong empowerment terminal, all-round to help dealers in the counter-trend to achieve high-speed growth, for the long-term development of the terminal to inject new kinetic energy.



©Mr. Wan Shuibo, General Counsel of Brand Development Strategy

Bell ringing, listing, leapfrog development


  Ring the bell and go public, leapfrog development

The ritual music was ringing and the applause was full.

With the countdown to the scene, several leaders on the scene were invited to take the stage and jointly rang the bell to start the launching ceremony of the brand's listing. All the staff witnessed this exciting moment together and sent their sincere wishes to congratulate the brand's successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange!




Since then, the international market and a Chinese brand fighting posture. The official launch of the bell ringing ceremony marks the brand development towards a new strategic height, and the milestone breakthrough is achieved again!

Subsequently, Mr. Hu Boyou, director of Hong Kong Global International Intellectual Property Exchange Center, analyzed the investment value and development potential of the brand from the perspective of capital market in the keynote speech of "Brand Listing Value and Future". Mr. Hu deeply analyzed the good development trend of the auxiliary material industry, and highly praised the excellent management team, good business performance and outstanding market position of the brand, at the same time, he said that he would give full support in brand building and work development.



©Mr. Woo Bok-you, Director, Hong Kong Global International Intellectual Property Trading Centre

Mr. Chen Jizong, manager of the new media operation department, mentioned in the keynote speech of "Short Video Accompanying Run Plan" that under the digital wave, short video brings efficient grass planting and transformation, which is one of the important carriers for brands to promote digital operation.

In order to build a digital marketing position, Posted Steady will launch a 30-day short video escort program. The escort plan is guided by professional instructors throughout the whole process. It is a set of full-case operation plan adapted to the trembles of terminal stores. It can truly empower service providers and help service providers to quickly obtain customers in the same city.



©Mr. Chen Jizong, Manager of New Media Operations Department

New products first order hot


  New product launch orders are booming

Products have always been the core competitiveness of steady growth. In the new product release phase, Mr. Ou Liping, doctor of product research and development/chief engineer of technology research and development (TCE) of the stable brand, interpreted the new product in 2024. Through bold innovation at the technical level, the product can reach the industry-leading level in similar fields, and the materials in the existing market can be upgraded by substitution and become more competitive in the market.



©Mr. Ou Liping, doctor of product research and development of the brand

Mr. Huang Zirong, President of Guangdong District of Hong Kong Global International Intellectual Property Exchange Center, made the final appearance and announced the order policy and incentive plan for brand listing share allocation for this activity. Customers can obtain the original equity share of the brand by ordering at the site of the order meeting! Once again, with sincere preferential efforts, dealers will be helped to fight the huge waves of the market!

Leading the competition in the field of new products and the order policy of great benefits, so that the stable family members have placed orders enthusiastically, set off a rush to buy, the scene was once hot, orders again achieve good results!






Lawn Party Fun


  Lawn parties are full of fun

Time came in the afternoon, with the sound of melodious music, a garden party on the "lawn party" also officially arrived.

The garden party has set up a number of interactive booths. Guests can participate in the games through the booths to obtain seal points and exchange gifts. They can also learn more about brand business model, video marketing ecology, listing value, product system and other related contents through the booths. The scene atmosphere is full of fun and wonderful!




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Atmosphere Dinner Sharing Good


  Atmosphere dinner, sharing beauty

In order to extend the noblest welcome to the people who came from all over the world, a luxurious feast quietly opened in the evening. Under the relaxed and pleasant song and dance performance, the guests shared this wonderful moment while enjoying delicious food and food.




The exciting lottery program interspersed in the middle of the dinner party set off a climax in the audience, and every family member's face was filled with a smile of satisfaction and fun.




So far, this "tens of billions of new starting point, glory fear new journey" posted stable brand listing bell celebration activities a complete success. The successful listing of the brand on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has not only brought more development opportunities for the company, but also provided investors with a broad investment space.

Know the responsibility in the heart, bear the responsibility in the body, perform the responsibility in the line. In the future, the stable brand will continue to promote the construction of a modern industrial system, accelerate the development of new quality productivity, and lead the auxiliary material industry to achieve high-quality leapfrog development through continuous improvement of capitalization operation.