Hubei University Library

Hubei University Library is the university's literature and information resource guarantee center, and is the national key protection unit of ancient books. The library was founded in 1931, and has gone through the changes from the library of Hubei Provincial Institute of Education, the library of Wuhan Teachers College to the library of Hubei University. Now the library is divided into three parts: the main library, the humanities branch, and the Yangluo branch. As of the end of 2016, the library has a collection of 2,356,300 Chinese and foreign language paper documents, and the total number of Chinese and foreign language e-books is 2,892,500; it owns 286 Chinese and foreign language databases, and 46,900 types of electronic full-text journals in Chinese and foreign languages; there are nearly 3,000 types of Chinese and foreign language paper newspapers and magazines and almost 10,000 pieces of all kinds of non-printed materials, constituting a A comprehensive collection system of multiple types, multiple carriers and distinctive features.

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