Nancheng Gymnasium

Nancheng Sports Park is located in Xiping Hongwei Industrial Park in Nancheng District, with a total land area of about 167.1 acres. The completed sports park will have a standard gymnasium, a standard soccer field, a soccer training ground, five basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts and four badminton courts, in addition to an Olympic Park covering an area of about 18,000 square meters. The sports park is designed to accommodate professional soccer matches and training as well as mass sports activities. Upon completion, it will not only meet the needs of the public to come here to play sports, but also the public will have the opportunity to watch high-level soccer matches in the Sports Park. The soccer stadium has 20,000 spectator seats and a full range of ancillary rooms for tournaments, so that professional and emergency vehicles will be able to reach the stadium without any problems.
One of the design highlights of the sports park plan is to utilize the slope difference to elevate a large platform, the platform can be well planned layout of a variety of sports facilities and safeguard a large area of the park environment, so that it achieves the effect of two uses of a place. At the same time using the platform under the elevated floor to build parking spaces about 1500, properly solve the parking problem; use the platform to organize three-dimensional traffic system (pedestrians in the upper, vehicles in the lower), to ensure that pedestrians, vehicles do not interfere with each other, to protect the safety of pedestrians. [1]
As the venues in the Nancheng Sports Park are relatively single-functional and very underutilized, in order to improve the efficiency of land use and meet the needs of urban development, Nancheng Street decided to renew and renovate them. [3] The current site has been transformed into the Nancheng Civic Garden, which opened on February 9, 2021
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